• Duration : 2 -3 hrs 
  • Cost : $45 - $60 ( depend on the ppl in the group)
  • Language: English
  • Schedule : Daily Lunch/ Dinner
  • Meeting point: No.21, on the right of the ending alley 143 Nhat chieu street.
  • Location : Hanoi


Meet local cooker at meeting point to visit a traditional outdoor market. Walk through stalls loaded with farm fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, rice , prepared food and ven household items! Immerse yourself by talking to the local vendors, ask about the ingredients, and see how people buy food. The cooker will help you bargain to pick out the freshest ingredients for the meal. Vietnam being a costal country, has over 70 kinds of herbs in their cuisine. Witness the incredible variety of fruits and vesgetables offered. We‘ll bet there are some you have never seen before. Moving back to the local house, you will start cooking with the cooker.

Cooking experience: 
Make 3-4 traditional dishes from scratch with Thanhy&;s help. Learn traditional methods for chopping fragrant lemongrass, slicing banana flowers, and folding spring rolls. At the center of the meal is fish sauce, representing yan energy. Combined with verdant vegetables (yin) and natural herbal flavors you&;ll witness one way how Vietnamese people balance their food and why fish sauce has become a steadfast at Vietnamese meals. 
Apart from the dishes you make, she&;ll have a few prepared in advance. Learn why rice is a derivative of many Vietnamese foods. In ancient Vietnamese writing, it shared meanings with happiness. Vietnam has developed an incredible variety of rice which they export all over the world. Try Thanhys delicious and healthy purple rice tea and while she explains the differences between the most commonly used rice in Vietnamese homes. Your hands-on cooking lesson will last about 1.5-2 hours.
In-home meal: 
Enjoy the fruits of your cooking lesson while Thanhy shares more insight into Vietnamese culture. Learn why families often eat on woven mats, how Vietnamese eat by sight and smell before taste, and why food is placed on the altar. 


  • Local cooking 
  • Food; ingredients.
  • One way pick up/ see off from to Nhat Chieu, transportation to the market near by.
  • Kitchen equipments.


  • Drinks.
  • Tips.
  • Other transportation.